thirumalai chemicals share price target 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030

thirumalai chemicals share price target

Here we will discuss about thirumalai chemicals share price target for the year 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030. Get a estimate stocks forecast for thirumalai chemicals.

About thirumalai chemicals :

Thirumalai chemicals Ltd. turned into incorporated within the yr 1972. Its contemporary share charge is 254.7. Its modern market capitalisation stands at Rs 2598.61 Cr. in the contemporary quarter, organization has suggested Gross income of Rs. 8571.8 Cr and total income of Rs.8659.7 Cr. The organisation‘s management consists of T Rajagopalan, Bhama Krishnamurthy, Rajeev M Pandia, Arun Ramanathan, Dhruv Moondhra, Raj Kataria, N Subramanian, R Ravi Shankar, R Sampath, P Mohana Chandran Nair, Ramya Bharathram, R Parthasarathy, R Parthasarathy.

Mkt cap2.59TCr
52-wk high335.75
52-wk low81.20
P/E ratio9.36
Div yield0.87%

Share Target Price 2022 2023 2025 2030 of Thirumalai Chemicals

Yeartarget 1target 2

Thirumalai Chemicals share price target 2022

Thirumalai Chemicals is one of the world’s largest producer of many chemical products like Phthalic Anhydride, Malic Acid, Maleic Anhydride and Fumaric Acid in its sector. Where the company makes chemical products used in many different types of chemicals, paints, medicines etc. used in food items. If seen now, the company has more than 15 strong chemical products, due to which the company has always been able to maintain a good market share in the world.

The management is planning to expand its product portfolio in more different segments in the coming days, as Thirumalai Chemicals’ product portfolio will see an increase in the share price as the business grows. Huh.

With the increase in the product portfolio of the company, Thirumalai Chemicals share price target is expected to show you the first target of Rs.280 by 2022 showing good business growth. As soon as this target becomes interested, you are going to see another target of Rs 296 soon.

Thirumalai Chemicals share price target 2023

Thirumalai Chemicals seems to be gradually increasing its focus to strengthen its network everywhere, for which the company exports its chemical products to more than 34 countries in India as well as around the world.

Thirumalai Chemicals seems to be increasing its investment amount every year by a considerable amount in order to rapidly scale up its manufacturing units in India and Malaysia. Due to which the company is working on making a strong position of its business in new and new markets, along with increasing the production capacity of the company.

As the business continues to expand, Thirumalai Chemicals share price target by 2023 can be seen showing you the first target of Rs.340 with good returns. After that you can consider holding the second target for Rs 355.

Thirumalai Chemicals share price target 2025

Thirumalai Chemicals continuously invests a large part of the profits in the research & development of new chemical products, due to which the company is able to innovate new chemical products and improve the quality of already existing products. .

With the help of its strong R&D, the company manufactures the products according to the demand of the customer, due to which it helps in retaining the new or old customers with the company for a long time. As Thirumalai Chemicals will be seen launching new innovative chemical products in the market with the help of Research & Development in the coming years, the company’s business is fully expected to see a good move.

Due to good growth in business, Thirumalai Chemicals share price target You can see the first target of Rs 460 showing good growth till 2025. And then you can look at the second target to be Rs 500 interest.

Thirumalai Chemicals share price target 2030

As you look at the chemical sector of India for a long time, it will be seen growing with great speed, because earlier China used to be at the forefront of the chemical sector all over the world, now gradually, keeping in mind the environment, most of the companies in the chemical sector. It seems to be shutting down, the biggest benefit of which seems to be only for the Indian origin chemical sector companies.

In the coming years, as the demand for all types of chemical products will be seen increasing due to less supply of chemical products from every country, Indian-origin companies like Thirumalai Chemical have huge opportunities to grow business.

Looking at the company’s outlook in the long run, Thirumalai Chemicals share price target by 2030 with good return to the shareholders sees the share price to be traded around Rs.1150.

FAQ – Thirumalai Chemicals share price target

Is THIRUMALAI chemicals right for long term investment?
As on 08-Feb-2022, the fundamentals of THIRUMALAI chemical compounds look average and as a result you may look forward to the consequences to improve to make investments for long time ! See economic overall performance of THIRUMALAI chemical substances . Please have a look at the opposite parameters inclusive of Valuation, rate Momentum, information & corporate Governance and/or seek advice from an investment advisor earlier than taking an investment choice!

Is THIRUMALAI chemicals UnderValued or overrated?
As on 08-Feb-2022, THIRUMALAI chemical substances in all fairness Valued based at the estimates of intrinsic value and investors might also look forward to the buying opportunity once it becomes under valued!

what is the Intrinsic cost of THIRUMALAI chemicals ?
As on 08-Feb-2022, the Intrinsic price of THIRUMALAI chemical substances is Rs. 241.01 determined based totally on Median of the three historic fashions.
truthful fee [Median EV / EBIDTA Model] : Rs. 323.37
honest cost [Median EV / Sales Model] : Rs. 241.01
truthful value [Median Price / Sales Model] : Rs. 96.09
Median truthful fee of THIRUMALAI chemicals : Rs. 241.01

Is THIRUMALAI chemicals buying and selling at a top rate or cut price?
As on 08-Feb-2022, THIRUMALAI chemical substances is trading at a top rate of 5% based on the estimates of Median Intrinsic cost!

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