PFC / Power Finance Share Price Target 2022 2023 2025 2030

PFC / Power Finance Share Price Target

You can invest in this stock right now and target price is 190 to 200. and current price is 152 target for PFC 2023.

This provide 8% to 10% dividend and 5% annually compounded return from this stock as per this stock past performance and current price. You can expect 25% return from current price within 1 year.

About PFC / Power Finance Corporation : 

Power Finance corporation Ltd. become integrated inside the year 1986. Its today’s proportion price is 121.5. Its modern-day market capitalization stands at Rs 32076.99 Cr. within the modern-day sector.

The organization’s management includes Manohar Balwani, R C Mishra, Parminder Chopra, Praveen Kumar Singh, Ravinder Singh Dhillon, Ravinder Singh Dhillon.

It is auditors are Bansal Sinha & Co, Bubber Jindal & Co, Dass Gupta & pals, Gandhi Minocha & Co, KB Chandna & Co, KK Soni & Co, Mehra Goel & Co, MK Aggarwal & Co, NK Bhargava & Co, Raj Har Gopal & Co., Suresh Chandra & associates

pfc revenue
Mkt cap32.06TCr
52-wk high153.75
52-wk low104.10
P/E ratio2.46
Div yield5.55%
PFC net profit

Share Target Price 2022 2023 2025 2030 of PFC

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PFC Share Price Target For 2022

Friends, on 1 February 2007, this company had put its investment in the stock market, a few days after that, the company’s stock went up a bit, in which Power Finance Corporation Ltd. The profit of the company was good but after that the market of the company went down again in which Power Finance Corporation Ltd. There was a little damage.

Friends, but still this company has established its footing on its shares very well, according to which Power Finance Corporation Ltd. The first target of 2022 will be Rs 103 and with this we will talk further, the second target of 2022 for this company will be Rs 161.

PFC Share Price Target For 2023 

Friends, in the same way now we will talk about Power Finance Corporation Ltd. Let’s try to predict two possible targets for 2023, in which the first share price target is up to Rs 192 for 2023 Power Finance Corporation Ltd. Hopefully we can get it and likewise we are Power Finance Corporation Ltd. The second share price for the year 2023 itself, which is likely to be fulfilled, can achieve the target of Rs 231. Friends, all these target levels are predicted on the basis of Fibonacci Retracement And Resistance.


PFC Share Price Target For 2024 

Friends, if we do likewise for 2024, Power Finance Corporation Ltd. Along with this, I may also tell you that recently the support was provided by the Ministry of Finance, Government and even after announcing the budget to the Central Government, the share of this company is facing any kind of troubles. According to him, the first target for PFC 2024 can get up to Rs 281 and the second target for the same year can be up to Rs 336 and this company has been performing very well on the basis of technical analysis.

PFC Share Price Target For 2025 

Friends, in the same way, now we talk about PFC’s Share Price Target 2025, friends. As we know that what kind of best facilities PFC provides, such as electricity supply work has been very good in urban areas to rural areas, due to which the company’s high efficiency has increased the share of PFC, whose first target is For 2025, it will go up to Rs 425, in the same way if we talk about the second Share Price Target of PFC, then it can go up to Rs 562.

PFC Share Price Target For 2030

Friends, in the same way, now we will talk about the possible target of PFC according to their performance in 2030. Prediction of this company due to increasing demand of products in all the markets of PFC share, we predict all these target levels on the basis of Fibonacci Retracement And Resistance, then the first target for 2030 will be up to Rs 1117 and so on. Similarly, for the same year, the second target can get up to Rs 1234.

PFC / Power Finance Corporation Fundamental :

Is power FINANCE corporation suitable for long term funding?

As on 02-Dec-2021, the basics of strength FINANCE business enterprise look robust and subsequently it may be right for long time funding! See monetary overall performance of power FINANCE company . Please look at the opposite parameters along with Valuation, charge Momentum, information & company Governance and/or seek advice from an funding advisor before taking an investment decision!

Is power FINANCE corporation UnderValued or overvalued?

As on 02-Dec-2021, power FINANCE enterprise is underneath Valued based totally on the estimates of intrinsic cost and therefore may be an awesome shopping for possibility in keeping with proportion Valuation at this time!

pfc debt to equity

what is the Intrinsic fee of power FINANCE corporation ?
As on 02-Dec-2021, the Intrinsic price of energy FINANCE enterprise is Rs. 288.26 determined primarily based on Median of the three historical models.
honest cost [Median EV / EBIDTA Model] : Rs. 83.34
honest cost [Median EV / Sales Model] : Rs. 288.26
truthful value [Median Price / Sales Model] : Rs. 413.21
Median honest price of electricity FINANCE agency : Rs. 288.26

Is power FINANCE corporation trading at a top rate or discount?
As on 02-Dec-2021, strength FINANCE organization is buying and selling at a reduction of –58% based totally at the estimates of Median Intrinsic cost!

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