Paras Defence share price target 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030

Paras Defence share price target

Here we will discuss about Paras Defence and Space Technologies share price target 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030.

About Paras Defence :

Paras Defence And space technologies Ltd. turned into incorporated within the yr 2009. Its contemporary proportion price is 666.7. Its modern-day marketplace capitalisation stands at Rs 2600.thirteen Cr. within the contemporary region, organization has reported Gross sales of Rs. 1327.97 Cr and general income of Rs.1341.26 Cr. The enterprise‘s management consists of Hina Amol Gokhale, Ajit Sharma, Suresh Katyal, Manmohan Handa, Sunil Kumar Sharma, Shilpa Amit Mahajan, Munjal Sharad Shah, Sharad Virji Shah.

paras defence share price target
Mkt cap2.60TCr
52-wk high1,258.20
52-wk low460.00

Share Target Price 2022 2023 2025 2030 of Paras Defence

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Paras Defence share price target 2022

Paras Defense & Space Technologies, as the name suggests, the company’s business works in the technology of defense and space sector. You do not get to see other listings of this type of company in the Indian stock market at the moment. Due to this different business model of Paras Defense, the share price was seen showing good growth as soon as it was listed in the market.

However, the manner in which the share price is showing a jump in terms of the company’s financials, some retail investors need to be aware of this. In the coming days, if the company is able to improve its financials, then only you will see a good jump in the share price of the company.

If you look at the Paras Defense share price target in a short time, by 2022, if the company is seen maintaining good financial growth like this, then you can get the first target of Rs 1250. And then you can see the second target for Rs 1400.

Paras Defence share price target 2023

The company provides a wide range of products and services to its customers in the defense and space sectors. Where the company has more than 34 different types of products to be seen, from which the company earns good revenue. Just as the government seems to be banning the import of defense products from outside, the Indian company is going to benefit the most in the coming days.

Keeping this in mind, the management of the company seems to be giving a lot of focus on continuously expanding the manufacturing unit of its business. As the demand for the product will be seen increasing, the business growth of Paras Defense is going to be seen increasing at a good pace.

By 2023, with the increase in the company’s share price business, the first target is expected to show you 1500. After that you can stop for the second target to be 1650 interest.

Paras Defence share price target 2025

Due to Paras Defense work in Indian Defense and Space project, the strength of Research & Development and new innovations is known from this company. Along with this, Paras Defense is also seen partnering with the best companies around the world to make their technology even better.

Due to the company working in such a great technology, the customers of Paras Defense are seen by many big companies like ISRO, DRDO, Bharat Electronics, HAL, TCS. The way the company is continuously working on big projects along with improving its business, this shows the expectation of the company’s growth to grow very fast in the coming times.

Looking at the growing technology and business of the company, Paras Defense share price target is going to show the first target of Rs 1980 with a good jump by 2025. After this target, you can consider holding another target for Rs 2200.

Paras Defence share price target 2030

The way the Government of India seems to be promoting the Indian company more and more, leaving the dependence on foreign countries to strengthen the defense sector, in the long run, Paras Defense is the biggest company in this sector. seem to be taking advantage

Along with this, the Government of India is also seen investing a large part on the defense and space sector every year, due to which there is every hope of showing good growth in the business of Paras Defense.

Looking at the potential of Paras Defense in the long run, the share price target is expected to trade around Rs 4000 by 2030.

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