NALCO Share Price Target 2022 2023 2025 2030 Prediction

NALCO / National Aluminium Share Price Target 2022 2023 2025 2030

Mkt cap17.59TCr

About Nalco : 

National Aluminium Company Limited, abbreviated as NALCO, is a government company having integrated and diversified operations in mining, metal and power under the ownership of Ministry of Mines, Government of India. Presently, Government of India holds a 51.5% equity in NALCO.

52-wk high127.95
52-wk low35.40
P/E ratio7.78
Div yield5.24%

Share Target Price 2022 2023 2025 2030 NALCO

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nalco revenue

NALCO Share Price Target 2022

Maximum Price Will be around 2400 Rs and Minimum Price Will be Around 2450 Rs

NALCO Share Price Target 2023

Maximum Price Will be around 2514 Rs and Minimum Price Will be Around 2587 Rs

nalco net profit

NALCO Share Price Target 2025

Maximum Price Will be around 3111 Rs and Minimum Price Will be Around 3587 Rs

NALCO Share Price Target 2030

Maximum Price Will be around 4872 Rs and Minimum Price Will be Around 5892 Rs

Nalco Fundamental FAQ

Is national ALUMINIUM company correct for long time investment?
As on 30-Dec-2021, the fundamentals of national ALUMINIUM enterprise appearance average and subsequently you may watch for the outcomes to improve to invest for long term ! See monetary performance of national ALUMINIUM company . Please look at the alternative parameters together with Valuation, price Momentum, news & corporate Governance and/or seek advice from an investment advisor earlier than taking an investment choice!

nalco roe

Is national ALUMINIUM corporation UnderValued or overestimated?
As on 30-Dec-2021, country wide ALUMINIUM corporation is under Valued based at the estimates of intrinsic price and subsequently may be an amazing buying opportunity according to share Valuation presently!

what’s the Intrinsic value of national ALUMINIUM company ?
As on 30-Dec-2021, the Intrinsic value of national ALUMINIUM company is Rs. 123.49 determined primarily based on Median of the 3 historic models.
fair price [Median EV / EBIDTA Model] : Rs. 70.62
fair price [Median EV / Sales Model] : Rs. 123.49
fair price [Median Price / Sales Model] : Rs. 136.65
Median honest fee of country wide ALUMINIUM agency : Rs. 123.49

nalco debt to equity

Is national ALUMINIUM corporation buying and selling at a top class or cut price?
As on 30-Dec-2021, national ALUMINIUM corporation is buying and selling at a reduction of -21% based at the estimates of Median Intrinsic value!

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