GMR Infra share price target 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030

GMR Infra share price target

Here we will discuss about GMR Infra share price target for the year 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030. Get a estimate stock prediction for GMR Infra.

About GMR Infra :

GMR Infrastructure Ltd. turned into incorporated within the yr 1996. Its contemporary share price is 42.3. Its contemporary marketplace capitalisation stands at Rs 25532.05 Cr. inside the today’s sector, enterprise has reported Gross income of Rs. 10583.5 Cr and general earnings of Rs.14680.8 Cr. The corporation‘s management consists of Bijal Tushar Ajinkya, Amarthaluru Subba Rao, Sadhu Ram Bansal, Mundayat Ramachandran, BVN Rao, G B S Raju, Srinivas Bommidala, T Venkat Ramana, Madhva Bhimacharya Terdal, Suresh Lilaram Narang, Emandi Sankara Rao, Grandhi Kiran Kumar, GM Rao.

Mkt cap25.53TCr
52-wk high49.15
52-wk low22.50

Share Target Price 2022 2023 2025 2030 of GMR Infra

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GMR Infra share price target 2022

After the epidemic, the way almost all the companies related to infrastructure are seen emerging slowly. At the same time, there has been some improvement in the business of GMR Infra. Due to which the share price of the company has started showing good rally after many years.

Management is taking many such steps to bring the company out continuously while sinking its debt shells, due to which you can see the debt on the company coming down in the coming days. In view of this, many big investors are seen investing in this stock.

As the company is seen reducing its debt, GMR Infra share price target by 2022 is expected to show you the first target of 48 rupees. As soon as you touch the level of this target, you are going to get another target of Rs 53.

GMR Infra share price target 2023

The company mainly works in its infrastructure sector in three business such as Airport, Power, Road. The management of the company has many years of experience in these three businesses. The company has completed many such big projects, due to which GMR Infra does not see any problem in getting the upcoming projects.

There are many such projects in the order book of the company, which GMR Infra has to complete in the coming years. For which the management is seen investing more and more under a good strategy to strengthen its business.

In the coming years, as the company will be seen completing its projects, you can see a good boom in the business of GMR Infra. If GMR Infra is seen growing in the same business in 2023, then you can get to see the first target of Rs 62. After that you try to hold the second target for Rs.68.

GMR Infra share price target 2025

GMR Infra Management seems to be running the business with a good strategy to sustain its business with good growth in the long run. For which the company is seen selling its underperforming assets and giving full focus on those projects which show the potential for growth with good profits in the coming years.

For this reason, the business of the company is slowly improving since now. Due to which it can be expected that in the coming years, GMR Infra will be seen improving the growth of its business due to this decision of the management.

As the company continues to take good decisions in its business at the right time, in the coming years, GMR Infra share price target by 2025 can be seen showing you the first target of 90 rupees. Then you look at Rs 98 for another target.

GMR Infra share price target 2030

The way the government is increasing more and more investment for infrastructure projects every year, all the companies related to this sector are going to be seen taking maximum benefits in the coming times. Being an important company associated with this sector, GMR Infra seems to be reaping the maximum benefits in the coming years.

If GMR Infra is able to catch this opportunity in the coming time, then you can see good growth in the business. Looking at the good growth of the business in the long run till 2030, you see the possibility of seeing the share price of GMR Infra trading around Rs.

FAQ – GMR Infra share price target 

Is GMR INFRASTRUCTURE appropriate for long time investment?
As on 11-Feb-2022, the basics of GMR INFRASTRUCTURE appearance common and as a result you can watch for the consequences to enhance to make investments for long time ! See monetary overall performance of GMR INFRASTRUCTURE . Please look at the alternative parameters which include Valuation, fee Momentum, information & company Governance and/or consult an investment advisor earlier than taking an investment choice!

Is GMR INFRASTRUCTURE UnderValued or hyped up?
As on 11-Feb-2022, GMR INFRASTRUCTURE is Over Valued based totally at the estimates of intrinsic fee and for this reason won’t be a terrific buying possibility in step with share Valuation at the moment!

what is the Intrinsic fee of GMR INFRASTRUCTURE ?
As on 11-Feb-2022, the Intrinsic price of GMR INFRASTRUCTURE is Rs. 13.23 decided based totally on Median of the 3 ancient models.
honest value [Median EV / EBIDTA Model] : Rs. -15.96
fair value [Median EV / Sales Model] : Rs. -1.29
fair fee [Median Price / Sales Model] : Rs. 13.23
Median truthful fee of GMR INFRASTRUCTURE : Rs. 13.23

Is GMR INFRASTRUCTURE buying and selling at a top rate or discount?
As on 11-Feb-2022, GMR INFRASTRUCTURE is buying and selling at a premium of 220% based totally on the estimates of Median Intrinsic value!

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