Devyani International Ltd share price target 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2030

Devyani International Ltd share price target

In this post we will discuss about share price target for the company Devyani international ltd for the upcoming year 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030.

About Devyani International :

Devyani global confined (An companion organization of RJ Corp- largest bottler for Pepsico- with hobbies in drinks/food/ Beer/Milk/ Ice-cream/ Stem-cell/ real property/ education) is the fastest developing, consumer centric, worthwhile participant inside the Indian retail F&B area, with presence in distinct space zones slicing throughout Indian subcontinent, Nepal and Nigeria. Devyani global restricted currently has a visibility of 500+ outlets of Pizza Hut, KFC, Costa, Vaango and lots of different manufacturers.

Devyani international constrained is the most important franchisee for Pizza Hut, KFC AND Costa espresso in India. With this distinguished music report and know-how within the QSR section, Devyani international restricted has launched its personal emblem Vaango – a international elegance south Indian QSR chain and plans to take it throughout India. Vaango offers authentic South Indian food in a genX ambience.

each operation at Devyani global limited is ruled, regulated and activated by way of our task assertion: “To be a people centric, client centered and process driven operations, striving for excellence , day in day trip with a beat 12 months in the past and turnaround mentality”. .

Devyani worldwide confined envisions to be the quality eating place organisation in India for customers and worker alike. Devyani global restrained has a passionate and committed crew; and it has strong intentionality and technique to recognise this vision, for sure. Devyani international constrained leverages a few effective management tools to pressure its’ operations. a number of these gear and methods include stability score Card, employee P & L, Bench-making plans and Voice of Champions.With competitive boom method in place, Devyani international restrained is irrevocably devoted to being a “human beings centric, consumer centered and manner driven operations, striving for excellence with a turnaround mentality. Devyani worldwide constrained will maintain to vigorously pursue its journey to be the fine for clients– both inner and external.

Share Target Price 2022 2023 2025 2030 of Devyani International

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devyani international share price target 2022

Devyani International Company suffered a loss of about 94 crores in 2019 due to Corona epidemic. And in 2020 there was a loss of 121 crores. For this reason the company decided to bring IPO. The biggest reason for which was the debt on the company.

which the company had to pay. The IPO of this company was open from August 4 to August 6. Also listed on BSE at a premium of 56.66% i.e. Rs 141 against its IPO price of Rs 90.

And NSE was listed at a premium of 56.55% at Rs 140.90. Which is a great result to see. Today its share price is around Rs 150. According to our research, you can get to see the first target of Rs 180 for 2022. And the second target can be held for Rs.250.

devyani international share price target 2023

Talking about Devyani International Company, the company works on QSR (quick support restaurant). The company has more than 50,000 restaurants in more than 150 countries. The core brand business of this company in India is KFC Pizza Hut.

And the company has business in Costorica Store as well as other business. That is, the company’s brand is strong, for this reason you are likely to see the first target of 2030 at Rs 320. And the second target can be seen at Rs 390.

devyani international share price target 2025

RJ crop group is the promoter of devyani international company. Which is a very famous group i.e. promoter has experience of promoting brand about this business. This is just the beginning, this company is going to explode further. You can see the first target of 2025 up to Rs 470. After that the second target is likely to be seen around Rs 540.

devyani international share price target 2030

If we talk about long time then the way the company is working keeping in view the new generation. From this it seems that in future it is going to give tremendous returns. Major analysis has given a buy opinion on this stock. At present its market cap is 18.140 crores.

Which comes in mid cap company. But very soon this number is going to increase. You can get to see the first target of 2030 Rs 1500. And the second target is likely to be seen at Rs 1620. You should definitely think about investing in this stock for a long time.

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