Data patterns share price target 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030

Data patterns share price target

Here we are discuss about data patterns share price target for the year 2022 2023 2025 2030. get a estimate price prediction.

About Data Patterns:

data patterns is currently buying and selling at a P/E of about 68 times its FY21 profits. The valuation, although accelerated, continues to be affordable compared to few listed peers. investors can therefore adopt a buy-on-dips strategy for clean medium-long time investments in this corporation.

Mkt cap-3,818.34 Cr
52-wk high864.00
52-wk low702.00

Share Target Price 2022 2023 2025 2030 of Data Patterns

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Data Patterns share price target 2022

Data Patterns has been involved in the work of all Defense and Aerospace sector of India for almost the last 20 years, where the company is involved in many defense sector activities like Design and Development of Electronics Hardware, Functional Testing and Verification, Engineering services etc. .

Over the years, Data Patterns has designed and developed many well-known systems, among which Brahmos has been a part of many projects such as missile programs, Tejas light combat aircraft, light utility helicopters, precision radar. Looking at the order book of the company, it seems to be growing rapidly, in the coming days as the company will be seen completing its projects, there is going to be a good jump in revenue.

If seen in a short time, the Data Patterns share price target showing good growth in the business in 2022 is expected to show the first target of Rs 850. As soon as you touch this target, you can soon see another target of Rs 920.

Data Patterns share price target 2023

Due to the rapidly increasing order book every year, Data Patterns seems to be increasingly focusing on expanding its manufacturing units. As of now, the company has a manufacturing unit in Chennai, which is spread over an area of ​​5.75 acres. The company is fully planning to expand its manufacturing unit to 2.81 acres in the coming days, with the management fully expecting that the manufacturing capacity of its product will almost double.

As the manufacturing unit of Data Patterns will see the splurge, the company’s own order books will also be seen to be completed as soon as possible, due to which the business is expected to show rapid growth accordingly.
Looking at the expansion of the business of Data Patterns, if the share price target is seen by 2023, then the first target can be seen showing Rs 1050. After that you can think of holding the second target for Rs 1170.

Data Patterns share price target 2025

Due to being associated with the Data Patterns Defense and Aerospace business for a long time, the management has a lot of experience to be seen in this business. Due to the good long-term experience, the company is able to innovate and develop new products, due to which Data Patterns seems to be rapidly increasing the success of its business at the international level as well.

Also, being a domestic company of Indian origin, in many big projects and orders, the Government of India seems to give more priority to a domestic company like Data Patterns than a foreign company. As Data Patterns will be seen increasing the strength of the business with new innovations in its product due to its long time experience, it is going to show good growth in the order book as well.

With good growth of the business, Data Patterns share price target showing good growth in 2025 is expected to show the first target of Rs 1600. And then you can stop at Rs 1750 to be the second target interest.

Data Patterns share price target 2030

As you look at India’s defense sector for a long time, gradually the government seems to be increasing the defense budget every year. And at the same time, under the Self-Reliant India Initiative, the Government of India is working jointly to become self-reliant in the design and manufacturing of most defense projects. As a result, indigenous companies like Data Patterns are expected to get maximum benefit in the coming times. Analysts estimate that the Indian Defense Electronics Sector is going to show growth at a CAGR of 15.71 percent in the coming times.

Due to the huge opportunity for the company in the long run, Data Patterns share price target With tremendous growth in the business by 2030, there is every possibility of showing a share price around Rs 3500 giving good returns to the shareholders.

FAQ — Data patterns 

What does data pattern company do?

data patterns is a vertically included Defence and Aerospace electronics solutions company catering to the indigenously developed defence products enterprise. … information patterns has developed several electronic systems for it is clients with the help of it is captive manufacturing facility and attention to element.

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