Borosil Renewables share price target 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030

Borosil Renewables share price target

Here we will discuss about share price target of Borosil renewables for the year 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030. Get a estimate Borosil Renewable stocks prediction.

About Borosil Renewables :  

Borosil Renewables Ltd. become incorporated within the year 1962. Its contemporary percentage fee is 672.75. Its contemporary marketplace capitalisation stands at Rs 8773.73 Cr. in the latest region, company has suggested Gross income of Rs. 5022.72 Cr and overall earnings of Rs.5076.36 Cr. The company‘s control includes Kishor Talreja, Asif Syed Ibrahim, Shalini Kamath, Ramaswami Velayudhan Pillai, Pradeep Vasudeo Bhide, Raj Kumar Jain, Shreevar Kheruka, Haigreve Khaitan, Ashok Jain, PK Kheruka.

Mkt cap8.74TCr
52-wk high747.90
52-wk low213.25
P/E ratio57.22

Share Target Price 2022 2023 2025 2030 of Borosil Renewables

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Borosil renewables share price target 2022

The stock market always looks at the monopoly business company of its sector with a good eye. Borosil renewables being India’s first and only solar glass manufacturing company, there is great hope for the company in the coming times. The management has a huge long standing experience in its business segment, which helps the company to show rapid growth.

Due to the leading position in the business, Borosil renewables is also showing a good jump in its financial growth if seen for some time. The management is fully expecting that as the use of solar will be seen increasing rapidly, the company’s business is also going to grow accordingly.

If seen in a short time, Borosil renewables share price target 2022 can be seen showing the first target of Rs 700 due to its monopoly business. After this target, you will soon see another target showing Rs 820.

Borosil renewables share price target 2023

Borosil renewables seems to be increasingly focused on increasing their solar production capacity every year. Slowly, if we look at most of the houses, the demand for solar power is increasing rapidly. Keeping in mind the ever-increasing demand for solar, Borosil renewables are increasing the investment amount in the business at the right time to increase their production capacity.

The management is fully planning to increase its production capacity by doubling in the coming time. As the company’s production capacity will be seen increasing, along with the increase in the business, you will also see a good jump in the share price.
With the growing business, Borosil renewables share price target can be seen giving you good returns by 2023, the first target is Rs 940. After that you can think of holding the second target for Rs 1100.

Borosil renewables share price target 2025

Along with India, Borosil renewables seems to be growing its business strongly in countries like USA, Turkey, Europe. Looking at the last few years, the company seems to be expanding its business rapidly in terms of exports. If we look at the present time, the company gets 23 percent revenue coming from exports.

Management says that Borosil Renewables manufactures its solar products in the least cost all over the world, due to which it can be expected that in the coming days, the company will be able to rapidly expand its business in India as well as abroad. Returns.

Due to the ever-increasing business, Borosil renewables share price target is going to show you the first target of Rs 1680 with good earnings in 2025. And then you can stop for the second target to be Rs 1850 interest.

Borosil renewables share price target 2030

As you look at the business of Borosil renewables from a long-term perspective, the government seems to be promoting people jointly to use more and more renewable energy. In order to provide facilities to the company under self-reliant India, along with increasing the tax on imports, it is also seen investing a good amount. Due to which the pace of growth in the business of Borosil renewables is going to be very fast in the coming years.

Borosil renewables appears to be at the forefront of its business segment in terms of innovation, from time to time innovating new products as well as working jointly in its solar product manufacturing with a futuristic vision.
Due to the good performance of the Borosil renewables business in the long run, the share price target is likely to show around Rs 4600, giving you tremendous earnings by 2030.

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